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Effective Date: 3/7/2022

From the Calendar page, you are able to schedule Tasks and Events and assign them to users for the purposes of moving contacts through the enrollment process.

NOTE: Drop down menus located on the navigation bar (highlighted in red above) are for viewing event type (far left) and the calendars of other users (second from left).

Events and Tasks - These two function in similar ways and share a common purpose of assigning work to be done in regards to a contact.  The main difference is that Events are set for a specific time and date to be accomplished, and Tasks are set to be accomplished over a period of time and will have a deadline.

Event Types

Define the types of event that you wish to schedule by clicking the Calendar Tab, and then "Event Types" from the Navigation Bar that appears.



On the left side of the page (see red highlight below), you will see the following fields to complete:


File Type - Define the file type the event will be used for. You may choose from Debt Settlement, Student Loans, General / Not Defined, or Business Loans.

Event Type Title - Name the event you will be using this for.

Length - Provide an estimate for the length of time the Event will take up in minutes.

Shared with - Sets who is allowed to create and assign new events of this type.

Status Change - Choosing a status here will cause the contact you schedule the event for to change to the status automatically when the event is scheduled (Later you will be able to setup results and status changes according to the result).  This is optional.

Dismissal Form - A form can be assigned to the event as part of the requirement to successfully complete the event.  This is optional.

Save - Click the green "Save" button to save your work.


Results - Once saved, a new "Results" section will appear at the bottom left of the page (see red highlighted section on the left below), and the newly established Event type will be listed in the top right-hand section of the page (see red highlighted section on the right below). Click the green arrow icon next to a particular Event type to bring the edit screen back.


Each row within the "Results" section will act as a possible result.  In the first input box within the "Results" section on the left side of the page, you can identify a result. For each row, use the first dropdown menus to select the form(s) to be completed as part of selecting a result, In the second dropdown box in each row, select the stage and status the contact will be updated to, based on the result selected.  Once you are satisfied with the list, click the green "Save" button to save your edited work. If you wish to delete this event type, click the "Delete" button located next to the "Save" button.


Schedule an Event

An Event can be scheduled from two different locations.

Location 1: Calendar Tab > Schedule Event (located on the Navigation Bar)

NOTE: An event cannot be scheduled for a client here, only with users.



Location 2: Client Dashboard > Event Tab (located on the Dashboard Tabs, not main tabs) > Schedule Event Button (Upper right of section). 



NOTE: When Location 2 is used to access the event, the "Contact" field is prefilled and not editable from this page.

The following fields from the "Schedule Event" dialog box should be completed. A description of those fields are listed below.

Contact - (automatically prefilled if using the Contact tab) Provide name of the person responsible for this event.

Title - Name the event, what is entered here will appear under the Calendar Event section on the Calendar tab.

Event Type - Select an Event Type for the event you are scheduling.

When - Options for selecting the date, time, and timezone in which the event will take place,.

  • When - Choose a date from the calendar on the left (small icon listed right below “When”).
  • Time - Specific times of day can be set using this option.
  • Timezone - establishes the timezone to apply to this event
  • View - Set if the event will be listed as public for all users to see on their respective calendars, private for it to only be visible on the assignee's calendar (Admins will be able to see and filter even if set as private).

Assigned To - Select a user to assign the event to.

Location - Location information can be entered here.

Description - Box to enter further information and description about event.


Once finished click the green "Schedule" button to save the scheduled event). The screen below will then appear showing your event is now on the Calendar.




Location: Calendar Tab > Tasks (located on Navigation Bar)



A series of drop downs menu options area available to filter what already scheduled tasks are shown on the right side (see above). Also at the top of this section is the "Create New Task" button. At the bottom left, below the drop down options, are three (3) links to setup task items, edit task settings and to setup task triggers.


Task Items

Location: Calendar Tab > Tasks (located on Navigation Bar) > Set Up Task Items (bottom left of page).


After clicking "Setup Task Items", the window below will appear.


From the Task Items page, you can create different preset tasks with varying ways of assigning and restricting user access to them. 

First, create a Task Group to assign the task to. (click the “add task group” button in the upper left portion of the window as pictured above).


Task Groups allow you to create a group of users able to assign tasks to other users. Be sure to create a Group Name for this group. You can use Teams previously created (see for information), or you can select multiple users to include in the group; multiple items can be selected by holding down the ‘ctrl’ button while clicking your selections with the mouse.

Once you have created a Group, complete the fields on the page (fields are listed below).

Add / Edit Task Item - Enter or edit the name of your task.

Available to File Types - Checked boxes make this task available to clients under these specific file types. The file types are Business Loans, Debt Settlement, General/Not Defined, and Student Loan clients.

          NOTE: The task option is not available for clients under the “New Purchase/Refinance” File Type.

Add to Group - Here you select which groups you have created you will make this task available for assignment. 

Click the "Save Task" button when complete 



You will now find the task Item you created at listed at the bottom of the page.  It also identifies how many groups in which it is included.  Now that we have created our Task Item, we can assign this task to our users to complete.  This can be done in two ways.


Assigning Tasks from the Calendar

Location: Calendar Tab > Tasks (located on Navigation Bar) and then click the "Create New Task" button (see below).




Assigning Tasks from Client Dashboard

Locate the client dashboard through Enrollments or the Contact tab, then select the Task Tab from the Client dashboard sub-menu. A green "plus" sign button (see image highlighted in red below) is available that serves as an “Add Task” button. Click that green "plus" sign.


Once you have assigned a task from the Calendar, the popup window on the left will appear. If you have assigned a task via the Client Dashboard, a popup window like the one shown on the right (with the Contact field pre-filled) will appear.

Post_Create_Task_Green_Button.png    Client_Dashboard_to_Tasks_to_Add_Task_Green_Arrow.png

Task - Select a task you wish to assign, tasks will be listed under the groups your user profile belongs to.

Due Date - Select due date by either entering the date manually or choosing date from pop up calendar.

Assigned To - Select either the a user, team or client using the radio buttons shown, and then for user and team, click on the dropdown menu to select the appropriate user or team (this does not apply to client) to assign task for completion. Again, for more information about teams please see:

Contact - Enter the name of the contact on which the task is scheduled.  If a task is being added from the client dashboard, the contact name will automatically appear here.

Notes - Additional notes can be entered here.

Save Task - Click the green "Save Task" button to save the task for the system to create and assign.  A notification will appear in the lower right portion of the screen of the user the task has been assigned to. Due date reminders as dictated on task settings will appear in the same area as well.


The task is now listed under the client dashboard and on the All Tasks list available on the calendar page. To make any edits, click on the open checkbox to make your edits, or to delete this task.  To mark a task complete, click the green and white checkmark, and then confirm your selections in the pop-up window that will appear.


Task Settings

Location: Calendar Tab > Tasks (located on Navigation Bar) > Task Settings (Navigation Bar). 

To begin, click on "Setup Task Items" from the left bottom panel (see below).


The "Task Settings page asks for the information shown below:


Notifications Before Due Date - Allows you to set up to 4 reminders before the Task is due to be completed.  If you set it for 0 days, the CRM will notify the contact on the day of scheduled completion.


Notification After Due Date - Sets up to four notifications for the completion of a task that is overdue. These notifications will not be sent for completed events.


Colors - Allows you to color code the different statuses of a task.  The Task will then be color coded when viewing them from the calendar or in a list.



Other Settings

  • Send Task Creator an email when tasks completed - Notifies the Task Creator via email when a task is completed.
  • Notify Task Assignee On Creation -  Notifies the task assignee when a task is created for them to complete.
  • Strike-Through Completed Tasks - Will use a special font style and completed tasks will appear with striked-through lettering further indicating they have been completed.
  • Allow Completion Percentage - This will activate an option on tasks to be able to mark them with a partial completion percentages.
  • Allow Free Form Task Entry - While checked, when tasks are created the option for different task types will not appear in a drop-down menu as normal. The word “Tasks” will be underlined and when clicked you will be enter a custom task type. Otherwise, tasks will be created without a type. 
    • NOTE: this is for advanced use only.

Round Robin

The Task Round Robin Assignment System allows assignments to rotate automatically throughout the membership of the assigned team, ensuring equal distribution of task assignments.

Using this feature is simple. To see the Task Round Robin Assignment feature in action, please watch this training video by clicking here:


Be sure that the settings shown match your intended team selections, and click the  “Save Settings” option in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. You will know your settings have been saved when you see the following at or near the bottom of your page.



Trigger Tasks


Trigger Tasks function similarly to email triggers (see for more information). Basically, you are setting up tasks to be created triggered by system events.

Click on "Task Triggers" as shown above. The page below will then appear.


Click on the "Create a New Trigger" button on the right side of the page. On the resulting Trigger Task page, you will find a mostly blank screen except for a dropdown menu located on the navigation bar (see below).


Here it will list all system events that can be used to trigger a task's creation. Start by selecting an event from the "Event Name" dropdown menu (see below); please note that selecting "Status Change" or "Task Completed" will cause a secondary dropdown to appear where a specific status or task needs to be selected to have your trigger setup for.


Once you have selected a system event for your task to be created on, you will be given a series of dropdown options to further specify how you want to define the conditions and establish additional setup actions (i.e., Send Email, etc.) for the task.

Once set up, click the "Save & Create Trigger" button, and the trigger task will be listed (see below). Edits can be made by clicking the Pencil image next to the trigger you wish to edit. Multiple trigger tasks can be created under a system event.


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