Updating Contact Records via Data Source

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This article was developed to describe the steps involved in updating contact records via a data source. This article assumes that you already know how to create Data Sources. For further assistance with creating Data Sources, please see the following articles:

Import Data Source

Web Form Data Source


Data Sources are used to create contacts from a CSV file or a Web Posting. They can also be used to update or add data to contacts that are already in your CRM. This article will explain how to do the latter.



1. Prepare the source data

Begin by logging in to the CRM and clicking the Contacts tab, and then selecting "Data Sources" from the Navigation Bar.

The updaterecord field is the key to making this work. Without this field, any data uploaded to the Data Source will create a new contact instead of updating the contact that already exists. What the updaterecord field does is tell the system that it will not be creating a new contact, but instead it will be updating a contact that already exists in the system.

The numerical digits found inside the Customer ID field will then be placed as the values in the updaterecord key/value pair.



Examples of what your source data should look like:

CSV File: Format the CSV file so that Cell 1A contains updaterecord and column A contains the Customer IDs of the contacts that will be updated.



HTTP POST: Add the updaterecord field to the posting string. Example posting string:



2. Create a new Data Source

Import Data Source: If you are using a CSV file to update contacts that are already in your CRM, create an Import Data Source. Then upload the CSV file and click Save Data Source.

Web Form Data Source: If you are posting updated contact info directly to your CRM from an online form or from a marketing source using an HTTP Post, create a Web Form Data Source. After the Web Form Data Source is configured, be sure to post a test contact. This is needed to map the fields in step 3.


3. Configure the Field Mappings

The updaterecord field should NOT be mapped. Only the contact data needs to be mapped. Your field mappings should look like the image below:


Once the fields are mapped...

Import Data Source: Click the green Start Merge button.

Web Form Data Source: Click Save Data Source. The Data Source is now ready to accept HTTP Postings and update contact records.


Practical uses

1. WebHooks can be used to post updated contact data into another account's Data Source.


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