SMS: Sending and Receiving SMS Messages

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Below is the Centrex Software training video that show you how to send and receive SMS messages. 

Sending and receiving SMS messages

  1. From the Client Dashboard, go to the SMS tab.


  2. Do either of the following:

    • Type in a custom message; orimg2.png

    • Select a template.


  3. Select the phone number that this SMS text message will send from.


  4. Select the phone number that this SMS text message will send to.

    The SMS platform will check all 3 of the contact's phone numbers (Home, Work, and Cell). If none of these numbers are detected as a valid mobile number, the system will use the Cell Phone.
  5. Click Send Message.
  6. To view a sent message, from the Client Dashboard, go to the History tab.


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A client replied to my SMS text message but I don't see it.

This most likely means that there are duplicate contact files linked with your Twilio account, that have the same mobile phone number. The system will add the reply to the contact record that was most recently sent an SMS text message.

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