SMS: Campaigns

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This article has been developed to share how SMS Campaigns are generated within the CRM. The following items are required to create an SMS Campaign:

  • From Number – This is the phone number that will send the SMS campaign.
  • A Contact List – The list of contacts that will receive messages from the SMS campaign.
  1.  From the SMS tab, click Create New Campaign.img1.png

    The Create a Campaign window opens.SMS_Campaign_1.png

  2. Do the following where indicated:
    • Name Your Campaign: Use a descriptive name that explains what the campaign is being used for. (Example: Payment Reminder, Welcome Message, Happy Birthday Campaign, etc.)
    • Select The Contact List(s) You'd Like To Message, by clicking within the field provided and choosing from the dropdown options.
    • When finished, click the Continue button.
      A second "Create a Campaign" window opens.SMS_Campaign_2.png

  3. Do the following where indicated:
    • Select a Template message, if desired.
    • Select the From Number.
    • Enter the Message Body that will be sent. (If a Template was selected in step 3, the Message Body should already be populated - see example below).
    • When finished, click the Continue button.
      Keep your message short so it has as few Message Segments as possible.
  4. Before proceeding, review the campaign Summary to verify that the campaign is configured to your desired preferences.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Select Send Now if you want to immediately send the campaign; or
    • Select Schedule (see image below) if you want to send the campaign at a later time. 
      • You now have two options to choose from:
        • Click Send Once to add the date the campaign should send; or
        • Click Recurring to specify how many times you want the campaign to run and when you want it to begin.
  6. Click the green Finish button located at the bottom right of the page to schedule the Campaign.

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