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The Enrollment Report allows management to track of enrolled contacts in the CRM for client retention purposes. This report shows clients that were enrolled in a specific month/year and how many of those clients are still enrolled. It also provides a quick summary of the total debt enrolled, the fee amounts that have been collected, the custodial fees collected, and the account balance of the custodial account. 

Note: a more comprehensive list is generated by selecting fewer filters.


This article will demonstrate steps for:


Creating an Enrollment Report

1. Navigate to the Enrollments tab, then click Reports on the navigation bar.



2. Click Create New Report.


To edit an existing report, click on the title of any report from the list on the left-hand side. Then click on Customize to be taken to the edit screen


3. From the Enrollment Report creation/customization page, add or edit a Report Title, specify the Date Format, and input the number of records you would like to display in the Per Page Limit. If these are the only edits you wish to make for this report, click the Save Report button shown below at the right.

**Note: The number of records displaying on the report will affect the report's load time.



Report Filters

Filters will be located down the middle of the page. Filters are used to set qualifying conditions for clients to appear on the report you are creating.


  • File Type: File type the client is under.
  • Custodial Account: Payment Gateway the client is assigned to.
  • Account: Filter the account the client is under, there may only be one option.
  • Company: The company the client is assigned to.
  • Assigned To User: Clients assigned to the user selected.
  • Assigned to Users Of Team: Contacts assigned to users on the team selected.
  • Law Firm: Law Firm the client is assigned to.
  • Lead Vendor: Lead Vendor the client is assigned to.
  • Partner: Company partner the client is assigned to.
  • Assigned Company: The company the client is assigned to.
  • Any Status, Enrolled, Was Enrolled, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Dropped, Paused, Graduated, Gateway Hold, No Authorization: Current status of the client.




  • Data Source: How the contact was uploaded into the system.
  • Created Date: Date the enrollment was created.
  • Enrolled Date: Date the client was enrolled.
  • Submitted Date: Date the enrollment was submitted by the client.
  • Approved Date: Date the enrollment was approved.
  • Returned Date: Date the enrollment was returned by the client.
  • Dropped Date: Date the client cancelled their enrollment.
  • Graduate Date: Date the client graduated.
  • Enrolled By: Account that enrolled the client.
  • Submitted By: Account that submitted the client.
  • Approved By: Account that approved the client.
  • Returned By: Account that the client returned the enrollment to.
  • Dropped By: Account the client canceled from.


  • Check Paying: Contacts that have “Check Paying Client” checked off under the client dashboard’s bank account information.
  • Assigned Attorney: The attorney assigned to the contact.
  • Client Status: Status of the client.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns the client is included in.
  • Program: What enrollment program the client is enrolled under.
  • Payments Made: Range on how many payments were made by the client.
  • Total Payments: Range on total payments the client has made.
  • First Payment: When the first payment was made.
  • Final Payment: Days until final payment.
  • Next Payment: Next payment the contact will make.
  • Completion % (payments): Percentage of completion by payments.
  • Completion % (dollars): Percentage of completion by dollar amount.
  • Completion % (settlements): Percentage of completion by settlements.
  • Balance: Debt balance, More Than or Less Than.



Fields to Show on Report

On the right hand side of the Customize Report page, you will find Fields To Show On Report. These are the data columns that will appear when viewing the report.

To add a field, check the box of the designated field and drag it to place them in the order you would like them to appear on the report. Starting from the top to bottom, it will appear from left to right.

In the example on the right, Full Name, Record ID, State, Assigned To, Dropped Date, Dropped Reason, and Client Status have been checked off. When looking at the report, they will be displayed in that order from left to right starting with Full Name.



You can export the entire table by clicking the Export Full Report button. An email is sent to the user which includes a link to the full report in the CRM. Additionally, the report can be located in the Reports tab, under My Exports. It remains for seven (7) days and then is automatically deleted from the system.



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