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A Workflow is a series of Stages and Statuses that a client will transition through as they progress through your company's servicing process.

  • Status: Used to categorize contacts in your CRM to help manage the enrollment or servicing process. A contact's Status should give a specific indication of where the contact is at in the enrollment or servicing process.
  • Stage: Used to categorize Statuses. A contact's Stage should give a broader indication of where the contact is at in the enrollment or servicing process.
The Workflow settings page is only available to Users with the Role Permissions to Create Workflow, Edit Workflow, or Delete Workflow.

This article includes the following topics:

Creating a workflow

  1. From the Contacts tab, click Workflow.
  2. Select the File Type. Each File Type has its own unique Workflow. In most cases, your account will likely only have signed up for one File Type.
    In the example image above, we have selected Student Loans. Any and all modifications to Stages or Statuses will only affect the Workflow of the Student Loans File Type.
  3. Click the +add new button.
  4. Do the following:
    • In the Add What? menu, select Stage.
    • Type the name of the Stage into the Add Stage input box.
    • If desired, configure the Access Restriction. (Access Restriction is explained in further detail in the Access Restriction section below).
  5. Click Save.

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Editing a stage or status

To edit an existing Stage or Status, simply click on it on the Workflow settings page. This will bring the respective Stage or Status into focus and allow you to edit the name, or delete it.


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Rearranging the order of stages and statuses

Stages and Statuses can be rearranged by click-and-dragging them as they display on the Workflow settings page.

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Changing the color of statuses

To the right of each Status is their corresponding color code. Each Status is colored black by default (color code FFFFFF).

You can click on the box to select a new color for that Status or you may input a color code.


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Access restriction

Access Restriction is used to restrict Workflow access from certain Users or Teams. Once enabled, highlighted Users or Teams will be the only ones capable of moving contacts from the respective Stage or Status.


In the example image above, only members of the Super Admins team will be capable of moving contacts out of the "Lead: Dead" Status.

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Updating the status of a contact

  1. From the Client Dashboard, click the Update Status symbol, which is a pencil-on-paper icon.
  2. A dialog box appears, allowing you to select a new Stage and Status. 
  3. Once you have finished selecting the new Stage and/or Status, click Update Status.

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