Generating and Sending Documents for Signature

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This article was developed to describe the process of generating and sending documents for signature electronically. It is divided into the following sections:



By now, you would have collected data and saved an enrollment plan on a contact file. You then should be ready to generate and send a document template (contract agreement) for electronic signature. The following are steps to generate and send a document template for electronic signature.


**Note: For assistance with configuring Clixsign settings, view our Clixsign Settings Article.

 Location: Client Dashboard > Docs tab


1. Log in to the CRM, and click the Contacts tab. Select the contact, and click the "Docs" Nested Tab. From there, click Generate Documents.


This will take you to the Document Generation page. Here you can generate a document template with saved client information filled in. Documents can also be sent for signature here as well.


2. Ensure that the "Template" radio button is selected, and choose a template from the "Choose a Document Template" dropdown menu (see below).Generate_Document_Short.png

3. Check the radio button titled Send To Clixsign. By doing this, you are prompted to send the generated document to the contact's email address for electronic signature using Clixsign.

4. Once ready, click the Generate Document Template button.

5. Next, input the Subject and Message of the email that accompanies the request for e-signature.


**Note: The Subject and Message can be configured to pre-fill with a default Subject and Message. This is configured from the Admin tab > Settings > Clixsign page.


6. Click Send For Signature. This will send the document signature request directly to the Contact's email address.


Generated Documents

All previously generated documents can be found in the Client Dashboard > Docs tab > Generated PDF Docs tab.



E-Signed Documents

Any documents sent for electronic signature would be found in the Client Dashboard > Docs tab > E-Signed Docs tabGenerated_Client_Esign_Docs.png

Status: This column displays the current status of the clixsign request.

  • Sent: The clixsign request has been sent.
  • Pending: The clixsign request has been opened, and is pending signature(s).
  • Completed: The clixsign request has been signed and completed.

# Signers: This column displays the number of signers (applicants) required to sign, in order for the e-signature request to complete.


Signing an Electronic Document

Outlined below are the steps that a consumer must take to complete a clixsign request. After completing these steps, the document "Status" will be listed as Completed.


1. Open the emailed link that says "Click Here to Review Documents". This will begin the signing process.

2. The first thing that will happen is the system will pop open the "E-Signature Adoption & Terms" window. The Signer must agree to terms and verify their name and initials, then press "Continue".

3. Now the Signer may scroll through the document manually or check the box for "auto scrolling" and then click "Go to Next Signature Spot". This Signer must now click each signature location until none remain.

4. Once each signature spot is signed, this will pop open the "You're Almost Done..." window, where the Signer must either click "Complete Signing" or "Decline Signing".

5. Once the Signer presses "Complete Signing" the system will begin generating the document. **THE SIGNER MUST WAIT FOR THE DOCUMENT TO FINISH GENERATING**.

6. Once finished generating, the system will pop open the "Thank You, your document is ready to download" window, and the electronic signature is now Completed.

  • **If the Signer has a Co-Signer, (dictated by a valid email address in the Co-Applicant Email system field) the document will not be completed yet. Instead, once step 6 is completed by the Signer, the request would then automatically be sent to the Co-Signer, and steps 1-6 would repeat. The request will not complete until the Co-Signer completes step 6.

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