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  • I am the Super Admin of my CRM, why am I unable to view contacts assigned to other Users?
    • Your "Shared User Data" is likely not enabled. Navigate to the Admin tab and click the arrow next to your User. Located at the bottom of your User settings is the Shared User Data section. Highlight "--Everyone--" or the User(s) whose contacts you would like to have access to, then at the top of the page click Save User. **Note: Hold down the keyboard "Ctrl" or "Shift" to select multiple Users.


  • Why doesn't the Admin in my Affiliate Company have the ability to create Users with other roles?
    • The Affiliate Company would only have access to create Users with Role(s) already available to Users in the company. To resolve the issue you (the Parent Company Admin) will need to create the first User of that Role for them, they would then be able to create Users with that Role moving forward.

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