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MeridianLink is a consumer credit reporting agency used by many credit report platforms, notably Universal Credit.


Integration Details

Once integrated with MeridianLink, you'll gain access to the "Pull Credit" button on the Advance>Credit>Pull Credit Report

Clicking Pull Credit Report performs the following actions:

  • A Soft Credit Inquiry is performed
  • Automatically adds debts to the Advance (Excluding Debts with a $0.00 Balance). 
  • **Optional** the MeridianLink integration has a built-in feature to pull Co-Applicant reports along with the primary applicant. This process is automatic if the following conditions are met:
    • co-app has to be in place and the following fields have to be populated: 
      • First and Last name

      • SSN

      • Address, City, State,  Zip

  • Adds the Credit Report PDF to Docs tab > Uploaded Files

Integrating MeridianLink with Centrex Software

1. To integrate MeridianLink with Centrex, you will need to sign up for the MeridianLink Enhancement. If you have not and are interested please contact or call (630)394-6260.


2. You will then need to send an email request to Your email request must contain the following company details and MeridianLink account credentials:

Company Name
Receiving Party Name
Receiving Party Identifier
API User ID and Password


3. Once the above steps are complete, you will then need to input Centrex 2 IP Addresses into MeridianLink's system:

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