How to create a Webhook to Post into Bluerock Campaigns

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This article was developed to describe the steps to follow to create a Webhook to post into Bluerock campaigns in the CRM.

Step 1 Create A Webhook

Go to the Contacts tab, and select "Webhooks" from the Navigation Bar. Contacts_Tab_to_Webhooks.png
Start by entering information for the Webhook Title, Webhook URL, and Method.

  • Webhook Title: We suggest something like "Bluerock - *Name of Campaign*", this will assist you later when or if you have multiple Webhooks for multiple campaigns.
  • Webhook URL: Paste  into the input field. This should be the same for everyone posting to Bluerock.
  • Method: Select "Post"
  • Port and Authentication: Leave blank they will not be used for this post.

Once you have entered this information click "Save Webhook".


Step 2 Add Fields To Webhook

Next, enter the key-value pairs that will be posted into the Bluerock campaign.  
Once you click the "Save Webhook" button, you should see some new options appear below the general Webhook settings. We will be adding the Key Value Pairs here.

The Field Name is the Key that Bluerock will want to be passed to them, it is used to identify the information being passed into their system and needs to match as they expect it from in their system. They will need to be entered verbatim for the Webhooks to function successfully.

The Value is the data we are passing for the key. For example, the Key "first_name" would pass the value "Jeff" if the data saved on the contact for the first name is "Jeff'. 

Adding a Standard or Custom Field
First, enter the Key (Field Name) as provided in the table below. In our example, we are adding the Key Value Pair for the contact's first name to be passed into Bluerock. Again, this needs to be entered exactly as Bluerock expects it, enter the Key (Field Name) exactly as provided in the table below.

Next, the dropdown menu for Value contains all Custom Fields and Standard Fields. For Key (Field Name) where you are passing one of these, you will simply select the field from the dropdown menu like in the example above (we have selected the standard field "First Name").

Once ready, click the "Add" button and the value pair will be added to the Existing Fields of the Webhook as displayed below.

Add a Custom Value
In some cases, you will want a constant value passed for the Key (Field Name). In the example above we are adding a Key Value Pair for the Bluerock campaign, so we will want the value for that Key (Field Name) to be passed with the same value every time the Webhook runs.

Start as usual and enter the Field Name as provided in the table below; "campaign". Next in the Value menu select "---Custom Value---", another input field will appear for you to then enter the constant value that will be passed for that Key (Field Name). This means for our example every time this post runs it will pass the Value "example" (the campaign name in Bluerock) for the Key (Field Name) "campaign".

Field Table - Below is the table of fields and values you will want to add to the Webhook

Field Name Value Notes
action post Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
insert_method insert Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
reference ID System field found in dropdown menu
priority Usually "10" but can be a range between 1 - 10. Used to set the priority of the contact in Bluerock so they are higher in the call queue of the campaign. Generally, they will automatically lower the priority of older leads and want new leads to come in at the highest priority. Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
first_name First Name System field found in dropdown menu
last_name Last Name System field found in dropdown menu
email Email System field found in dropdown menu
phone {ANYPHONE} Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
aid Same as found in the Bluerock Settings Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
hash Same as found in the Bluerock Settings Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
campaign Provided by Bluerock Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"
mod webdialer Constant entered as "---Custom Value---"

Once set up, your webhook should appear similar to the image below.


Step 3 - Implementing the Webhook

Most likely you will want to add the WebHooks to a Data Source so that leads imported will be immediately posted out to the Bluerock campaign to be called.

To do so, go to the Contacts Tab, and then select "Data Source" from the Navigation Bar. Once on the Data Source screen, you will be selecting the data source you want to add the Webhook to.

Scroll down to the bottom, below the Assignment Options, and find the WebHooks section (see the image below).


Highlight the Webhook you want to use with the Data Source and click "Save Data Source" on the navigation bar.

This is the most common use for using a Webhook to Post into Bluerock. Other options for implementing Webhooks are available in the main article here.


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