How to add a Lender

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Lenders Tab

The Lenders tab is where Lender (AKA: Funder) information is stored. From within this tab, you can Add and Edit Lenders, set up lender criteria, and set up lender API submissions.  You can also locate and view any Advances associated with a specific Lender.



Adding a Lender

Location: Lenders Tab>Add Lender.



Add A Lender

  • Lender Name: Name of the Lending Company
  • Address 1: Lenders Physical Address
  • Address 2: Lenders Address 2
  • City: Lenders City
  • State: Lenders State
  • Zip: Lenders Zip
  • Phone: Lenders Primary Phone
  • Phone 2: Lenders Secondary Phone
  • Fax: Lenders Faz
  • Email: Lenders Email
  • URL:

Simply input the Lender's information and click Save Lender.



Editing a Lender 

Find the Lender that you wish to edit, then click the 2.png icon.


Adding Contacts to a Lender for Email Submissions

You must add a contact name and email so that the lender can receive lender submissions via email. 

Main Contact: The first contact that gets added with be the main point of contact for that lender. When setting up the lender you must add a contact plus an email that represents the lender. This will be the main point of contact when submitting deals to each lender.

CC'D Contacts: Each additional contact that gets added to the lender after the main contact will get CC'D on submissions email submitted to this lender.  


  • Notes: Leave a note to be stored on that specific lender.
  • Contacts: Add an email contact for the Lender. These contacts will be available to choose from when creating an Advance Submission that includes the respective Lender.
  • Advance Information: Displays a view of all Advances associated with the Lender you are editing.
  • Active: Check the 'Active' box to enable/disable the Lender from being selected on Advances. If this is unchecked, the lender will not be active when sending a submission. 
  • Download CSV: Click to download the data into a CSV spreadsheet.

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