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The File & Media Library can be used to upload files into the CRM that can be added as attachments to emails and used as images on documents or email templates.

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Uploading a new file

  1. From the Files tab, click Upload A New File.
  2. Go to the "File Type" dropdown menu and select whether this will be a Document, Image, Miscellaneous, or Video file. Then select the file you wish to upload from your local storage by clicking the Choose File button.File_Tab_to_Upload_a_New_File_Feb2023.png
    Once you've selected the file, the system will automatically transfer the file name to the "Name / Alias of File" field, you can rename if you wish.
  3. If you wish to add another file to upload at this point, click the "Add Another" button found at the bottom right of the page (see the red highlighted area in the image above).
  4. Once you have selected the file (or files) to upload, click Upload from the navigation bar to have the file placed on an FTP Server.
  • FTP Server: Select the FTP server to save data to.
    *Default is set at the CRM Public URL server, this server is accessible by anyone on the network.  Generally, you will only see files you have uploaded as options within your account, but we do not recommend putting any client-sensitive data on this server.  If your company maintains a private FTP Server and wishes to utilize it within the CRM, please go to location: Files Tab>Servers (Navigation Bar), and enter the server info there to enable the ability to upload information there.
  • File Type: The file type chosen for an uploaded file can affect where it is available within CRM.
    • Document - Files will be available as an attachment to emails.
    • Image - Files can be used as a graphic on documents and email templates.
    • Misc. - Files will be available as attachments for email templates.
    • Video - Media can be used in email templates.
  • Browse for the file - Click the browse button to locate the file you wish to upload to your hard drive.
  • Name/ Alias of File - This allows you to rename the file as you wish it to appear within CRM.
  • Add Another - This will expand another row in order to add more than one file at once.

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Adding an FTP server

If you wish to have files uploaded to a private FTP server that you have established outside of the CRM, you can set up a location under the Files tab as well.

  1. From the Files tab, click Servers.
  2. The FTP Servers page opens. Files_Tab_to_Servers_Main_Page.png
  3. Enter the information in each field shown as required. 
  4. When finished, click Save Connection found in the Navigation Bar (see the red highlight in the image shown above).

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