Setting Up Task Items

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This article was developed to describe the steps associated with setting up task items within the Centrex CRM. 

  1. From the Calendar tab, click Tasks.
  2. The Tasks page opens. Scroll down and click Setup Task Items found in the left panel.
  3. The Task Items page opens. 
  4. Do either of the following:
    • Create a task group: Task Groups allow you to create a group of users able to assign tasks to other users.
      • Click add task group > add or edit the Group Name > select which users or teams you want to share the task with > click Save.
        To select multiple Users or Teams, use keyboard Ctrl-click.
        For information regarding creating Teams, see our Teams article.

    • Create a task item - Do the following, as needed:
      • Add/ Edit Task Item: Enter or edit the name of your task. 
      • Available to File Types: Checked boxes make this task available to clients under these specific file types. 
      • Add to Groups: Select which groups this task will be available to for assigning.
      • Click Save Task.
        You will now find the task Item you created listed at the bottom of the page. As you can see it identifies how many groups in which it is included.

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