Event Types and Dismissal Forms

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Event types are used as a template for scheduling events of a common purpose. You are also able to set up some additional functionality in relation to scheduling and dismissing the event type. 

IMPORTANT: There is no way to turn off notifications from system events!

This article includes the following topics:

Creating an event type

  1. From the Calendar tab, click Event Types.
  2. The Event Type page opens.
  3. Select the appropriate option for the following where appropriate:
    • File Type to limit the ability to schedule an event of that type to contacts of a specific file type. This is only applicable if your account has opted in for and uses multiple file types.
    • Event Type Title a name for your event in the field.
    • Length an amount of time in minutes.
    • Shared With who is able to schedule an event of this type. You may want to utilize Teams in order to create specialized event types for different groups of users.
    • Status Change automatically updates the contact to the selected workflow status when scheduled click an option from the menu.
      You can setup a corresponding Workflow Status that is affiliated with the Event Type; you can then use this to keep track of contacts who currently have the event scheduled. For example, if you are building an Event Type for a "Compliance Call", you may create a Workflow Status titled "Compliance Call Scheduled" that contact will be updated to upon the Event being scheduled. You can then have a list built to display all the leads in the workflow status "Compliance Call Scheduled" and use this as a reporting tool or even an E-Marketing Campaign.
    • Dismissal Form To find more information about setting up a dismissal form, go to the Dismissal Form section.
  4. Once you have completed making your selections, click Save.

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Editing an event type

  1. From the Calendar tab, click Event Type.
  2. Click the green_edit_icon.png icon at the end of the event row you want to edit.
  3. The event type's information input fields along with some additional options are now editable. Adjust them as needed.
  4. Do one of the following:

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Setting a dismissal form

The Dismissal Form allows you to set a form that will be required as part of dismissing the event.

  1. From the Calendar tab, click Event Type.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • For an existing event type, click the green_edit_icon.png icon at the end of the event row you want to edit > select an option from the Dismissal Form menu.
    • For a new event type, select an option from the Dismissal Form menu.
  3. The Dismiss Appointment window opens. This is where you collect or confirm information discussed during the event with the contact.
  4. In order to make the Form appear as an option, make sure none of the checkboxes under the Form Options section are checked in the form builder. For more information regarding form building, please visit our support article here.
  5. Click Save when done.

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Viewing results of dismissals

Results can be set up in regard to the dismissal of an event. You can set up different result options and connect Dismissal Forms or Workflow Status changes as part of selecting that Result. In the example below, we have set up a series of possible result options and connected a Workflow Status change that will occur when the event has been dismissed with each result. Also notice as part of the "Connected / Compliant" result we have added a Dismissal Form. The Dismissal Form will appear when selecting that result option from the event dismissal layover. 

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