Adding attachments to email templates

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This article was developed to describe the steps necessary to add attachments to email templates. Documents or other files can be attached to email templates. Each time the email template is sent, the attached file will be sent along with it.

This article includes the following topics:

Uploading files to your CRM

  1. From the Files tab, click Upload A New File.Files_Tab_to_Upload_New_Files_Mar2023.png
    This will bring you to the Upload A New File page.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • FTP Server: If you have not added any FTP Servers, you will only have the option to upload to System Storage.
    • File Type: Choose Document, Image, Misc, or Video from this dropdown menu.
    • Choose File: Locate the file on your computer.
    • Name / Alias of File: Give the file a name.
      To upload multiple files at once, click the Add Another button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Once finished, click Upload (found in the Navigation Bar).

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Attaching files to your email template

  1. From the E-Marketing tab, click one of the following:
    • Create Email Template; or
    • Click the pencil icon next to the email you want to edit.
      If creating an email template for the first time, you will be required to click Save Design before adding attachments.
    • Once you have completed the Campaign Title, and Email Subject Fields, selected your Category and written out your message within the "HTML Layout" field, click "Save Design" found in the Navigation Bar as shown above.
    • Return to the template you were just working on by clicking the appropriate pencil icon next to the email template. The page should update and look like the image shown below:
  2. Type the name of the file that you uploaded to the Files tab.
  3. Click on the search result to add the attachment.
    The file is now attached to your Email Template. (Click the redminus.png icon to remove it.)
  4. Once finished, click Save Design found in the Navigation Bar.

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