Transaction Types

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ACH Client Debit - An ACH Debit that is drawn from a consumer account number and routing number

ACH Credit / Fee - A Fee payment payable to a specific Payee defined in the system.

Advance Recoup - Attempt to recover funds previously issued as an advance

Balance Forward  - the previous balance on an account that has been carried over from the previous statement to the current statement

Balance Transfer - Transaction to account for a balance transfer from one provider to another. Typically when migrating a client from another Account Management provider to Centrex Pay.

CFT Fee - A fee payment payable to 

Check Paid Fee - A fee payment associated with having payment made by paper check

Client Advance - Money issued to a consumer as an advance.

Client Check Payment - Payment received from the Client as a check/cashier's check/money order.

Client Refund -  Money issued back to the consumer, via ACH, check, wire, or other means.

Credit Card Payment - A client's credit card payment that is charged to the credit card on file.

Custodial Reimbursement - A credit from Centrex Pay to the client's custodial account.  

Disbursement Fee - Fee from the gateway for Settlement Payments

Earned Performance Fee - A fee paid to a payee in the system for a performance settlement. Similar to an 'ACH Credit / Fee'

eCheck - a payment method that contains the same information as a paper check (i.e., checking account number, bank routing number, and payment amount), only the entirety of the transaction is managed digitally. In the United States, eChecks run off the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

Fee Account Withdrawal

Centrex Custodial Fee - Centrex Pay Custodial Account Fee

Centrex Reimbursement

Remittance - a money exchange using a transfer, often done internationally

Retained Performance Fee - A fee held by Centrex Pay that will be realized to the Debt Settlement Company or Payee when a settlement has been reached.

Reversal - When a transaction is undone, and any payments are returned to the originating source.

Settlement Advance - Moving money from your DSC bank account into the client's custodial account

Settlement Payment - Payment made to a Creditor via, Check By Phone, Wire, Check, etc.

Transaction Fee - an expense a business must pay each time it processes an electronic payment for a customer transaction.

Transfer - A Debit to a specific payee account. Typically used to move money from your DSC bank account into the client's custodial account. (I.E. used for settlement advancements or to pull back fees)

Trust Deposit

Account Adjustment - a business transaction that has not yet been included in the accounting records of a business as of a specific date.


Transactions can have Sub-Types. These are configurable by the DSC. This will allow to you create specific sub-types of the top-level transactions.

For example: Credit > Retainer Fee, or Credit > Recoup, etc


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