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This article was developed to describe how to conduct a Transaction search within the CRM. From the Transaction page, you can look up transactions using several search parameters and filters. Begin by logging in to the CRM, clicking the Enrollments tab, and then clicking on "Transactions" from the Navigation Bar (see image below).


The "All Transactions" page will then open. See the image below.

There are two primary methods to conduct a transaction search. One way to conduct the search is to utilize the Transaction dropdown menu located at the top left of the page (see the image below). Here you have several options that are pre-filled to save you some time.


The second way to conduct a Transaction Search is to complete the filter fields available to you. Below is a description of those fields.

Trans ID - Search using the Transaction ID.

Amount - Narrow search results by entering the amount of the transaction.

Company - Filter by the assigned company

Process Date - The date the transaction was processed.

Return Date - If returned, the Date transaction was returned.

Client - Search using the client’s name (first or last).

Show - Give you the choice to show all transactions, not processed transactions, or processed transactions.

Type - Type of transaction.

Sub Type - Sub Type of transaction.

Status - Search by the status of the transaction.

Gateway - Payment Gateway that transactions are processed through

Memo - Search by transaction Memo used for the transaction.

Once you have set your search parameters, click "Filter" next to the green icon in the lower left to remove contacts who do not fit within your search parameters.  The outcome will appear in a table below the search parameters.


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