System Performance

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The Centrex CRM is a web-hosted system, meaning we maintain the server and software directly. Since this is a shared system there may be times when the software functions slower than others. We keep a close eye on the overall performance of the system and will do everything we can to make optimizations as needed, including upgrades to hardware and the platform.

Also, the system may slow down depending on the data that you are pulling, for example, a report with many columns and rows of data.  Please be patient.

The system may also have brief periods of slowed performance when the system is performing a backup.  This occurs every four (4) hours and takes roughly four (4) minutes to occur. During this time the system may have periods of lag.

Supported Browsers

We recommend using any of the following browsers to run the Centrex CRM system.

We do not use or recommend using Internet Explorer with our software.  If you use Internet Explorer and experience issues, please utilize one of the browsers listed above.


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