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This article was developed to describe the custom fields feature available for us within Centrex CRM. This article includes the following topics:


Custom Fields are fields that can be used in addition to Standard (System) Fields to save information about the client. They can be added to In-Take Forms within the CRM. Custom Fields are available as different Field Types based on the type of information you are trying to save (i.e. Date, Text, Price, Multiple Choice...).

There are no limits to the number of custom fields that can be created.

As with standard fields, they can be enabled for use with a co-applicant, as well as made mandatory for an enrollment plan to be saved.


Accessing and adding custom fields

  1. From the Contacts tab, click Custom Fields.Contacts_Tab_to_Custom_Fields_Apr2023.pngThe Custom Fields Page opens.


    (1) Module to Add/Edit existing Custom Fields.

    (2) Already existing custom fields, what type they are, and how often they are used.

    (3) Click on these icons to edit existing individual custom fields.

  2. Do the following to set up a Multiple Choice custom field. Click image to enlarge.
    Once saved you are not able to change the field type.


    (1) Input the field Name / Label.

    (2) Select the field Type

    (3) Add an optional Description for the field.

    (4) Since we are creating a  “Multiple Choice” field, we also have the ability to Add Another Option and remove options for this field.

    To remove options simply click the red circle icon to the right of the input field for the option label.

    (5) Save the Custom Field by clicking the "Save" button..

    Custom fields can be edited or updated after creation. However, the field "Type" cannot be changed. Example: To change a custom field from "Text" to "Multiple Choice" you would need to add a completely new field.

    Custom Field names cannot be longer than 100 characters. It is always best practice to keep fields names concise. Creating a field with name as a phrase or question is not advised. Field labels can be used on the intake form to display a longer message when viewing the form. 

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Custom field types

List of commonly used field types

  • Text: A blank text field allowing up to 140 characters to be entered.  (most commonly used).
  • Paragraph: Allows a larger free-form entry beyond the character limit of a text field.
  • Multiple Choice: Allows options available in a drop-down menu.
  • Multiple Select: Similar to multiple choice but allows the user to select multiple options.
  • Check Box: Provide multiple checkboxes to be available to select multiple options.
  • Radio Buttons: Similar to Check Boxes, options are marked with a radio button but only one selection can be made at a time.
  • Date: Allows for a date to be chosen.
  • State: Provides a populated list of the 50 US States along with Canadian Provinces.
  • Number: Specific number field containing 2 decimal places. (Use Text for whole numbers).
  • Price: Input field for currency.

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Form Builder

For assistance with adding Custom Fields to your In-Take Form, please view our Form Builder Article.

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