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ACH Works is a payment gateway that links Centrex Software to merchant processors.


Integration Details:

  • Business Loans file type only.
  • Accepts CC and ACH transaction types.
  • Centrex CRM accounts with the Multi-Company/Affiliate Enhancement can integrate unique ACH Works gateway accounts to each individual company.


Processing Details:

ACH Works processes payments in batches, on the day that they are scheduled. Transactions are created at 12:00 PM CST on the advance "Payments" section. The advance must be in "In-Repayment" status before 12:00 PM CST to process that same day (batched at 2:30pm CST). Transactions are not automatically Cleared. Transaction statuses are updated based on API reports we receive from ACH Works.

Batch Time (CST):


Batch Times are permanent and cannot be changed or customized.


Integrating ACH Works with Centrex

To integrate your ACH Works gateway account with Centrex Software, you will need to send an email request to Your email request must contain the following company details and ACH Works gateway account API credentials:

Company Name
Location ID
Account Set
Company Key

How do I obtain my API Credentials?


Special Processing Requirements

  • Once your CRM is integrated with ACH Works, you'll then need to input your ACH Works Originator Name.
    The Originator Name is the name of the company sending the transaction. This is typically the name of the company that owns the ACH account (or it's abbreviation). This name will appear on the receiver's (customer's) bank statement. It is important that the Originator Name (or abbreviation) is recognizable by the receiver to reduce the possibility of a chargeback for unauthorized transaction. For RCK transactions, this is the original payee in the Check i.e. the name written on the "Pay to the order of" line.
    In the CRM this is labeled as Client Statement Prefix located in the Admin tab > Settings page. Client Statement Prefix is REQUIRED. ACH Debit Transactions will not process without this setting.
    Client Statement Prefix must be less than 10 characters, and may show up on bank statements. General best practice is to simply input your company name, or company abbreviation.
    The following error will generate if Client Statement Prefix is missing: stdClass Object ( [string] => Array ( [0] => Error#1:OriginatorName is a required field. [1] => Error#2:Unable to complete processing of data due to error(s). ) )


  • In order for ACH Credit/Fee transactions to process, the Payee Name on Account must be less than 16 characters long (spaces included).img1.png

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