Actum Processing

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Actum Processing is a payment gateway that links Centrex Software to merchant processors.


Integration Details:

  • Accepts ACH Debit and ACH Credit transaction types.
  • Centrex CRM accounts with the Multi-Company/Affiliate Enhancement can integrate unique Actum Processing gateway accounts to each individual company.
  • Supports PPD (personal accounts) or CCD (business-to-business) transactions.


Processing Details:

Actum Processing processes payments in batches, on the day that they are scheduled. Transactions are moved to Pending status once processed, then updated to Cleared or Returned based on the report pulled from Actum Processing's FTP server.

**IMPORTANT: There may be contact fields that are required for payment processing by merchant specific settings in Actum's system. You should have access to this configuration through Actum's UI and can make these fields not required if desired. If transactions are resulting in Rejected status with message "Phone number required", this is likely the cause.


Batch Time (CST):


Batch Times are permanent and cannot be changed or customized.


Integrating Actum Processing with Centrex

To integrate your Actum Processing gateway account with Centrex Software, you must send an email request to Your email request must contain the following company details and Actum Processing gateway account API credentials:

Company Name
Parent ID
Sub ID


  • Login
  • Password
  • Host
  • Port


**How do I obtain my API Credentials? Send an email request to


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