Task Settings

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  1. From the Calendar tab, click Tasks.
  2. The Tasks page opens. Scroll down and click Edit Task Settings in the left panel.
  3. The Task Settings page opens.
  4. Change the following information as needed:
    • Notifications Before Due Date: Allows you to set up to four (4) reminders before the Task is due to be completed. In our example, we set it for 0 days (will notify the day of scheduled completion), 3 days, 5 days, and 10 days before the task is due.
    • Notification After Due Date: Sets notifications for the completion of a task that is overdue. Our example is set up for a notification 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, and 10 days after the task was scheduled for completion. These notifications will not be sent for completed events.
      To set notifications for the same day, input 0. To disable all notification, leave the input boxes empty.
    • Email Notifications From Address: This input field allows you to designate the email address that task reminder notifications will come from.
    • Colors: This allows you to color-code the different statuses of a task. Tasks will then be color-coded when viewing them from the calendar or in a list.
  5. Select the applicable checkboxes in the Other Settings section:Task_Settings_-_Other_Settings.PNG
    • Send the task creator an email when tasks are completed: Notifies the task creator via email once the assignee completes a task.
    • Notify the task assignee upon task creation: Notifies the assigned User when a task is created for them to complete.
    • Strike-Through completed tasks: Will use a special font style and completed tasks will appear with strike-through lettering further indicating they have been completed.
    • Allow completion as percentages: This will activate an option on tasks to be able to mark them with partial completion percentages.
    • Allow free form task entry: While checked, when tasks are created the option for different task types will not appear in a drop-down menu as normal. The word Tasks will be underlined and when clicked you will be able to enter a custom task type. Otherwise, tasks will be created without a type.
      This is for advanced Users only.
  6. Once you are finished configuring your Task Settings, click Save Settings.

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