Mass Editing: Reassigning Leads

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This article was developed to describe the process of reassigning a large number of leads within the CRM. 

This article includes the following topics:

Mass Editing overview

You can use Mass Edit to reassign leads collectively. This is useful when you need to:

  • Reassign leads from a former user to new or active users
  • Reassign leads from one company to another
  • Take un-assigned leads and assign them
  • Update leads from one workflow status to another
  • Make secondary assignments en masse as well

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Creating a list

  1. From the Contacts tab, click New List. This opens the List Builder.
  2. To build a list of contacts you want to reassign to new users, filter the contacts by their Assigned To users.
  3. Complete the following fields in the order listed below:
    • List Name: type a name for the list;
    • Default Sort: displays the records by this criteria.
    • What Contacts: choose All Contacts.
    • Share With:  select who you want to share this list with.
      To select more than one user, hold down the CTRL button while highlighting user names.

    • Available Filters: choose Assigned To for the filter and select the users whose contacts you will be reassigning > click Add Filter.

      After you have done this you should see under the list name, a number of Contacts Found. You can use this number to judge if you are capturing the amount leads you intend to change. You can add additional filters if needed, but for this example we will only be filtering by the Assigned To user of the contacts.

    • Optional (these fields are not necessary, as you are only using this list to reassign leads):
      • Available Fields to Show: lists all the fields you can add to your list.
      • Show Fields on List: contains which fields will be displayed on the list. To change the order in which the fields appear, click on the field you want to move (do not release the mouse) and move it where you want it.
  4. Once all filters are in place, click Save List located on the navigation bar.

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Reassigning leads

  1. Select one of the following:
    • With List will be performed to all the contacts appearing in the list.
    • With Selected will be performed to all the contacts selected by checking the box next to their record on the list table.
  2. Select Mass Edit from the menu, and then click the icon of a white arrow on a green background addcheck.pngfound at the top right of the page (see image below).

  3. The Mass Edit page opens. Scroll to the Standard Fields section.
  4. Check the box adjacent to Assigned To: and highlight the User(s) you wish to assign leads to.
    Hold down CTRL to highlight more then one selection.

  5. Click the appropriate checkboxes and do the following in the Standard Fields section:
    • File Type: changes contacts from one file type to another file type. (i.e. Debt Settlement to Student Loans)
    • Created By: Change the User that created the contact file.
    • Created At: Change the date that the contact file was created.
    • Assigned To: Reassign the files to a new User. Use Ctrl-click to highlight multiple Users. If multiple Users are highlighted, the system will reassign all contact files evenly split between the selected Users.
  6. Click the appropriate checkboxes and edit the options in the Company Type Assignments section.
    Assigning a contact to a different Company will grant that Company access to the contact file.
  7. Click the appropriate checkboxes and edit the options in the Role Assignments section.
  8. Click the appropriate checkboxes and edit the options in the Status / Other section.
  9. Select a Note Type from the Mass Add Note section, and then type the desired note.
  10. If desired, do the following:
    • Add an alert to be displayed at the top of the Client Dashboard for all affected contacts in the Mass Add Alert section.
    • Click the appropriate checkboxes and adjust the options in the Custom Fields section.
  11. When finished, click Perform Mass Edit (see red highlighted area in the image below).
    Before performing the mass edit, double check the contacts will be affected to make sure the right number appears verifying you are mass editing the correct number of leads. You will not be able to restore the files to their previous state, or undo the mass edit.
  12. Click OK to confirm the action.
    Once complete, the screen will restore and a message will appear above the navigation bar stating Mass Edit Successful

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