Mass Editing: Deleting Contacts

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This article was developed to describe the process of deleting contacts within the CRM.

This is a powerful tool and deleting the wrong contacts can cause information loss or halt your ability to operate. Mass Deleting should be performed by an account administrator and with great care.


Identifying what contacts will be deleted

  1. From the Contacts tab, select Mass Edit from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • With List allows you to edit the entire contact list; or
    • With Selected allows you to edit only the selected contact files.
  3. Click the white arrow on a green background 2.png icon to continue to the Mass Edit page.Mass_Delete_With_Selected.png

  4. Click Mass Delete from the Navigation Bar (see the highlighted area in the image below).
    Before you delete, review the number of contacts that will be affected before performing the action. Judge the number of 'contacts will be affected' with your estimates for how many you are assuming should be deleted.

    You will then receive a confirmation message like the one shown below to confirm that you understand the action you are about to take. If you wish to cancel this action, click "Cancel". If you wish to continue, click the "OK" button. Mass_Delete_Confirmation_Dialog.png
    Once deleted, contacts CAN NOT be immediately recovered. You can contact if contacts have been deleted in error, and ensure that you provides us who performed the deletion, the approximate date/time of the deletion, and approximately how many contacts were affected. Please be aware that the request may take 24hrs to fulfill. Mass deletion should be performed with great attention to detail.



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