Merging Duplicate Contacts

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This article was developed to describe the steps involved in merging duplicate contacts within the Forth CRM system.

The De-Dupe tool allows you to search for contacts with a single data point in common. This means you can locate all contacts with the same Email, Last Name, Business Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, Social Security Number (SSN), or Address, then compare and merge them together removing duplicates without losing any information saved to the files.

NOTE: We do not allow merging enrolled, dropped, or graduated contacts.

  1. Go to the Contacts tab. Contacts_Tab_May2023.png
    You will need to edit the URL in your web browser to access the page required to perform this action.
  2. Click at the end of the web address URL in the page header and change the word "index" to "dedup".

  3. Hit ENTER. The Merge Contacts page opens.
    We suggest saving this page as a favorite by clicking the green icon with a white “+” in the center, located all the way to the right of the CRM window, above the navigation bar. This will make it easy to return to the de-dupe screen in the future.
  4. Select the field you wish to check for duplicates by typing a word or number into the Filter field, and then click the small white arrow in a green circle addcheck.png.
  5. Duplicates appear grouped together for comparison along with the number of possible duplicate contacts at the top of the page. You will want to determine if the grouped records are actual duplicates or if they should be left separate. Click to enlarge the example below.
  6. Do the following:
    • Select the Master Record, this will be the record duplicate(s) will be merged into; essentially the record you will keep. You want to mark the record with the most existing data saved on it as the Master; and then
    • Select the Merge record is the one you will be removing from your account and transferring any data that doesn't exist on the Master from. 
  7. When finished, click the Merge / Dedup button. This will transfer any missing data saved on the merge file(s) to the Master.

    The page reloads and the table of merge groups will refresh removing the now-merged duplicates.

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