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This article was developed to describe the Accounting Summary feature provided by the Centrex CRM.

An Accounting Summary differs from the "Accounting Report" feature found via the Reports tab. You can use this summary feature to provide you with a quick summary of numbers and metrics for your company and also to keep better track of transactions by time period. 

Start by going to the Accounting tab and clicking on "Summaries" from the navigation bar.
The following page will then appear.

You can export the table in its current view by clicking Export to CSV. The CSV formatted table is then made available in your "Downloads" folder.                  Accounting_Summaries_Report_Export_Option.png


Summary Filters

Filters (displayed on the top of the edit page) set conditions for a transaction to appear on the summary page you are building. It is best practice to start with as few filters as possible and then add more as needed. This will prevent you from adding too many filters and causing the report to display a blank table. See a summary of the filters available below:


File Type - File Type of contacts the transactions are from. Using this would not be necessary if you operate using a single file type.

Data Field - Allows you to filter by Process Date, Cleared Date, Enrolled Date, or Submitted Date.

Report Type - Allows you to filter by Transaction Type, Company, Assigned To, Data Source, Subtype, Paid to State, or Client Status

First Group- Allows you to filter whether the first column shown on the Summary will be the Timeframe selected, or the Report Type.

Time Period - Select the "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", or "Quarterly"; this means the summary will display transactions each day, week, month, or quarter.

Range Selector - Select the appropriate date range; "Today", "Yesterday", "Week to Date", "Last Week,", "Month to Date", "Last Month", "Year to Date", or "Last Year". This means the summary will display transactions where the date range falls within the range selected. If you require a more specific date range, use the "Start Date" and "End Date" filters listed below.

Start Date - (Optional) Filters Transactions by Start Date.

End Date - (Optional) Filters Transactions by End Date.

Click the Filter button to the right of the "End Date" field, once you have made your selections.


Transaction Types To Show On Summary


Located on the left side of the summary edit screen you will find the "Include Trans Types" options.

These are the types of transactions that will appear within each date range selected when viewing the Accounting Summary.

To add a field, simply check the box designating the field. In the example pictured to the left, we are displaying the Balance Transfer, Client Check Payment, Client Refunds, Credit Card Payments, Debit Card Payments, and Settlement Payments. 









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