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With Bluerock's seamless integration, agents can take advantage of Centrex while keeping a consistent, productive workflow in their current environment.


Integration Details

  • Click 2 Call
  • Incoming Call Pop-Up
  • Ability to post into campaigns using WebHooks
  • Call Dispositions
  • Call / Voicemail Recordings
  • Pull contacts based on Workflow Status

Integrating Bluerock with Centrex

Before you begin the setup process your CRM account will need to have signed up for a phone system integration. If you have not and are interested, please contact or call (630) 394-6260.

Once you have signed up for the phone system add-on, you will then have access to the Bluerock Settings Page. This page can be accessed by clicking on the Admin tab, clicking on Settings from the Navigation Bar, and then selecting "Bluerock Phone".


Bluerock Settings

General Settings

Go to the settings page and click Create One to create the Bluerock Connect Token (if you don't already have a token).


After creating the connect token, provide the token and the Web Connector Endpoint that is displayed to Bluerock. These two (2) items are what Bluerock uses to access your account for some of the functionality the integration offers.

**IMPORTANT - Select the Search Company-wide Only checkbox! This will limit the search to only contacts available to user agents, instead of searching an entire account.


* The Web Connector Endpoint will display with the domain you are logged in with; if you are logging in through a domain you do not usually use or plan on having a custom login domain created, you will need to make sure and adjust the Endpoint with Bluerock. Bluerock needs the Endpoint to be for the same domain your users will be logging into the CRM from. To ensure you have the proper Endpoint, you can log in to the CRM via the domain your users will be using, go to the Bluerock settings page, and copy the Endpoint. If this method is followed, the Endpoint should adjust to the domain you are logged in from.


Bluerock API

Now that you have created the Connect Token and Web Connector Endpoint, copy the information and provide it to and request that they provide the API ID and API Hash. Usually, the API ID is a 2 or 3-digit number and the Hash is a 32-digit text string. Once Bluerock Support responds to you with the information, you can simply cut and paste it into the corresponding input fields on the Bluerock settings page in Centrex.

Now enter the Bluerock URL. This should be the same for all accounts, but you should confirm with Bluerock the correct URL to use. The standard URL options have been provided below; simply enter either choice into the input field as displayed.



User Mapping

Now map the Bluerock usernames to the users in your account. Make sure you map the correct Bluerock username with the correct CRM username. Also, be sure to enter the Bluerock username exactly as it appears in Bluerock. Any discrepancies (differences in case, spacing, or spelling) will cause some functionality to not work properly. If you are having an issue with an individual user, the first thing to check is that the Bluerock username has been entered correctly here.

* Only users from the company the admin user is logged in from will be displayed. If you are trying to activate or edit Bluerock settings for affiliate company users you will need to log in as an admin from that affiliate that has access to the settings page. It may be necessary to temporarily change the user role of an affiliate user and log in as them in order to make edits for the Bluerock settings. Also, you will need to configure the "General Settings" section on the Bluerock setting page (Active / Running, Bluerock URL, API ID, and API Hash values) the same as the parent company. 



Additionally, a WebHook can be set up to post leads to a specific campaign. Bluerock has the functionality to pull leads in based on their workflow status and a WebHook may not be necessary. Most likely you would want to set up a WebHook in a situation where you have leads importing through a data source that you wish to have immediately added to the top of a campaign in Bluerock. Bluerock can provide posting instructions to set up the Webhook. Please visit our article on setting up WebHooks here.


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