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Integration Details

  • Click 2 Call
  • Incoming call screen pop-up
  • Ability to post CRM contacts into dialer campaigns using WebHooks
  • Call Dispositions


Integrating Ytel with Centrex Software

Below are general instructions to allow Click-to-Dial, Contact Screen Pops and Call Logging for Ytel. You may need to enlist help from Ytel's support staff during the setup process.

Before you begin the setup process your CRM account will need to have signed up for a phone system integration. If you have not yet and are interested please contact or call (630) 394-6260.

Once you have signed up for the phone system add-on, you will then have access to the VICIdial Settings Page, and can begin the setup and configuration process.


Setting up Ytel

These setup instructions are split into 3 sections:

1. Configuring Ytel Settings in your CRM

A. General Settings
B. User Mapping
C. Disposition Mapping
D. Adding Custom Dispositions (optional)

2. Setting Up a WebHook to Post Leads Into Your Dialer Campaign Lists

A. Create a new WebHook
B. Input the WebHook URL
C. Add Field Mappings
D. Activate the WebHook

3. Configuring Ytel Settings in the Ytel Contact Center

A. Screen Pops



1. Configuring Ytel Settings in your CRM.

A. General Settings

Begin by logging in to the CRM, and clicking on the Admin tab. Click on "Settings" within the Navigation Bar, and then select "VICIdial". Next, input the information provided by Ytel in the General Settings section.                  Screenshot_2017-09-19_at_10_17_46_AM.png

  • Active / Running: Checking this box will enable the Ytel functionality in the CRM.
  • URL: This will be for agents or for admins. (This will be the same URL that your Users use to log in and operate the phone system).
  • USER: 101
  • PASSWORD: To locate your password, log in to the Ytel Contact Center and navigate to the Agents tab, then click the Modify button that corresponds to the API User (Agent ID 101).


The password will be displayed in the Password field.



B. User Mapping

Location: Admin Tab > Settings > VICIdial

Enter the Ytel Contact Center Agent IDs that correspond to each User in your CRM.

Phone System Agent ID: These are the Agent IDs listed in the Agents > Agent tab in your Ytel Contact Center (shown below)



C. Disposition Mapping

Location: Admin Tab > Settings > VICIdial

NOTE: Disposition Mappings are unique to each Company in the CRM. This allows you to configure unique sets of Mappings for your affiliate companies.

Disposition Mapping allows you to update the Workflow Status of CRM contacts, by changing their Disposition inside the Phone System. This works by mapping the Phone System Dispositions to the CRM System Dispositions and then mapping the CRM System Dispositions to a Workflow Status.

| Phone System Disposition --> CRM System Disposition --> Workflow Status |

Start by mapping the CRM System Disposition to the Phone System Disposition.

System Disposition: Select a CRM System Disposition, then input the name of the corresponding Phone System Disposition. These are the codes in the Status column inside the Ytel Contact Center and can be found here: Only the Statuses with the Selectable column set to Y will be active in the system.


Adding Custom CRM Dispositions (optional)

Location: Admin Tab > Settings > Call Settings > Dispositions

From the Custom Disposition page, you can add Custom Dispositions by entering them in the input field or choose to exclude any of the system dispositions by checking the box next to the Disposition you would like to exclude. You may add custom dispositions in your CRM to match custom dispositions from the phone system.

**Note: Before creating custom dispositions it is best practice to exhaust using all the System Dispositions and to be careful not to create unnecessary custom dispositions. Once created you are not able to delete a custom disposition.


System Disposition to a Workflow Status

Next, map the active CRM System Dispositions to a Workflow Status.


2. Setting Up a WebHook to Post Leads Into Your Dialer Campaign Lists.

Location: Contacts tab > WebHooks


A. Create a new WebHook.

Make sure the Title is descriptive of what the WebHook is doing, or where it is going.


B. Input the WebHook URL and select the Method

The URL should be: http://server/x5/api/non_agent.php?
**In many cases your URL may be different. We recommend that you double-check with Ytel.

The Method should be GET. **Note: In most cases, the POST method would also work.


**Note: The Port and Authentication fields can be left blank.


C. Add Field Mappings.

Ytel should give you instructions that include a list of required fields that need to be posted into their system. In many cases, they will only provide a very large posting string.

Here is an EXAMPLE of a Posting String:

After analyzing the above Posting String, we can see the following fields are required:



The above list of fields will all be input as the "Field Name".

For static value fields such as user, pass or list_id, select the Value as ---Custom Value---. This will cause a new input box to appear, where you will type the actual value of that Field Name.

For variable value fields such as first_name, phone_number or vendor_lead_code select the field that corresponds to this data in your CRM. For example, you would have mapped those fields to: First Name, Home Phone and ID.


Your finished WebHook should look similar to this:


**Note: In the above image, we used a ---Custom Value--- {ANYPHONE} for the phone_number field. This allows the system to pull from any phone number field (Home Phone, Work Phone or Cell Phone).


D. Activate the WebHook

Refer to the "How to Activate a WebHook" section in our Setting Up WebHooks article.



3. Configuring Ytel Settings in your Ytel Contact Center

Location: Ytel Contact Center

The steps in this section will take place inside your Ytel Contact Center. From the Campaigns > Campaign tab, click on the "Modify" icon that corresponds to your primary dialer campaign.



A. Screen Pops

When your leads call into your Ytel dialer, this will activate a "Screen Pop" which pulls up the contact's file in Centrex.

In order for the Screen Pop functionality to work, the caller must already exist as a contact inside Centrex.

Location: Ytel Contact Center > Campaigns > Campaign tab > Modify Campaign page

Input the URL below, into the Web Form field.


**Note: You may need to change the portion of the example URL "" to the domain which your users log in to. If your users don't log in to the same domain as in the URL, the Screen Pops will NOT function.


Next, scroll down and set Get Call Launch to the option "Web form". This directs Ytel to launch the URL you placed in Web Form on the previous step in a separate window when a call is answered.




Creating a Dedicated Ytel User

Once the integration has been activated in your Centrex CRM account the user role "Ytel User" role will become available. This is to be used to create a dedicated user for Ytel agents to assist you in configuring your account and troubleshooting issues related to the Ytel integration. 

  • Ytel users should be created and managed by account administrators.  The Centrex support staff is not responsible for the creation, activation, or suspension of Ytel Users. 
  • Ytel User should be activated and suspended by an account admin as needed. 
  • Each account is allowed a single Ytel user. 
  • The Ytel User does not count towards your account usage and is not billed for. 

The role has the permissions listed below. It has been configured to allow Ytel agent access to only the necessary areas of your CRM. 

  • Contacts
    • View All Contacts
    • View Contact Details
    • View Contact List
    • View List Data
    • Manage Campaigns
    • Created Data Sources
    • Edit Data Sources
    • Edit Webhooks
    • Execute Webhooks
  • Admin
    • View Roles
    • Edit System Settings
    • View Integrations
    • Add/Edit Integrations
    • View system Log



Screen Pops not working

  • Make sure popups are not blocked by the browser.
  • Make sure the Lookup URL is set up on the campaign the calls are being answered from. (Section 3, A)
  • Make sure the Lookup URL is using the correct domain users are logging into. They may be finding a window pops open to a login screen instead of the account they are already logged into. (Section 3, A)

Call Dispositions / Call Logging not working

  • Double-check that the dispositions are mapped in the Ytel (VICIdial) Settings page. (Section 1, C)
  • Make sure the contact has a "Vendor Lead Code" in the Ytel Contact Center. Ytel's Vendor Lead Code corresponds to the contact's ID in Centrex. This is how Ytel is able to locate and add the call log to the correct contact file in Centrex. If the contact does not have a Vendor Lead Code, Centrex will attempt to locate a contact by their primary Phone Number. If neither are present, the call log will fail.

Leads not going into a campaign

  • Check Webhook results and see if there are any error messages. (Section 2, D)
  • Check that the Webhook is posting to the correct list_id. (Section 2, C)
  • Make sure none of the Field Names in the post are off. There should be no capital letters and check the spelling.


Article Version History: 

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