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FHC-XX Five9 Integration April 26, 2021 Basic




Five9 is a phone system that integrates with Centrex.


Integration Details

  • Incoming call screen pop-up
  • Ability to post CRM contacts into dialer campaigns using WebHooks
  • Call Dispositions
  • Click-to-Call


Integrating Five9 with Centrex

Before you begin the setup process your CRM account must have signed up for a phone system integration. If you have not yet and are interested please contact or call (630) 394-6260.

Once you have signed up for the phone system add-on, you will then have access to the Five9 Settings Pages and can begin the setup and configuration process.


Setting Up Five9

Our Setup Team handles all Five9 setups. Please submit an email request to for assistance. Your email request must contain the following company details and Five9 account credentials:

Company Name
API Username
API Password

Click-to-Call information:

  • Outgoing Campaign Name (has to match the exact name of the campaign in Five9)
  • Agent Username, Agent Password

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