Company Hierarchies

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This article was written to explain Company Hierarchies.

Companies are set up within the CRM by going to the Admin tab and selecting Companies. Admin_Tab_to_Companies_March2023.png

The Companies page will then appear (see the image below).


Adding a New Company

To add a new company, click on the "Add Company" button at the top of the page as shown below. Admin_Tab_to_Companies_to_Add_Company_Mar2023-1.png

The page that appears contains several sets of fields for you to add specific information about the company you wish to add.

If you wish this new company to have a “parent company”, make sure to select a parent via the Parent Company dropdown menu.


When complete, click on the Save Company link found at the top of the page in the Navigation Bar as shown above. If you have additional companies to add, click on the New button also found at the top of this page.


Example of Hierarchy:

Companies are configured in a hierarchy, with each company in the tree having a parent company. The top-most company (typically the account holder) is the only company that does not have a parent. This dictates the access of files within the structure. This allows you to create Affiliates of Affiliates.


Sample Configuration:


The Main Company can see the records of all companies including its own and that of those below it.

Affiliate A can see their own data, Sub-Affiliate AA's data, and Sub-Affiliate AB's data.

Sub-Affiliate Company AA can see its own data only.

Sub-Affiliate Company AB can see its own data. 

Sub-Affiliate Company B can see its own data only.


This is done by selecting the "Parent Company" while editing or adding a company.

The "Parent Company" of Affiliate A is the Main Company.

The "Parent Company" of Sub-Affiliate AA is Affiliate A.

You can see what company belongs to what from the company listings page.

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