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Accessing the System Log

The System Log lists User activity history in the CRM. This is a great tool to utilize when an update is made to a contact or setting, to locate the User that performed the update. The System Log can be found via the Admin tab, and then selecting "System Log" from the Navigation Bar (see the red highlighted area in the image below).



Using the System Log

The System Log can be filtered by Date, User, and/or Keywords.

  • The Date can be selected using a date range by entering Start and End dates, or the Date option can be used by selecting a predefined range (such as Today, Yesterday, etc...).
  • The User can be selected to filter logs by the selected user.
  • Keywords can be entered in the text box to search the system log by keywords. These filters work individually or collectively. After the desired options are selected, clicking the Filter button will list the logs based on the selected criteria.


You may export the System Activity Log in its filtered view by clicking "Export Current View" or the unfiltered log by clicking "Export Full Report" (see red highlighted area in the image above).

The system log can be best utilized by searching for specific keywords. For example, if you wanted to find out what User updated a specific document template, you would search the system log by using the document's title as the keyword.

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