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This article describes the different dashboards you have access to with the Insights integration. Simply click the dashboard name in the Dashboard Menu below to view a specific dashboard. Each report displays the information collected by month, year, and total and can be filtered to show particular states, users, or any of the parameters listed in the Filter panel.

This article includes the following topics:

Dashboard menu



Provides program cancellation information such as why customers have dropped the program and the rate at which they drop. A weighted average can also be viewed by state, how many clients canceled with a first payment already made versus no payments made, and cancellations by program length.



The Calls dashboard contains information based on what phone system your company is using and what custom dispositions have been set up. Calls can be filtered by users and teams (you can toggle between users), incoming, outgoing, or all calls combined. In addition, this dashboard can be used to view how many contacts were created by month, to gather a count of those contacts, the average duration of the call, and the total sum of all calls.



The Campaigns dashboard can work in several ways. You can gather information based on a campaign or a company (if you have affiliates, etc.). This dashboard lets you know how many people were contacted, how many leads led to contracts and enrollments, how many of those clients either dropped from the program or canceled, and where the leads came from. This information comes from marketing-level campaigns, not e-marketing.


Client Drafts

This dashboard has a mass amount of information it can provide you with. You can view scheduled, returned, and cleared client drafts. It includes which user cleared which drafts, how many drafts are scheduled, and the amounts.



The leads dashboard looks at contacts who have not enrolled in any program yet. This dashboard looks at how contacts originated in the system, who they are assigned to, and what statuses they currently reside in. 


Credit Pulls

This dashboard displays the number of credit reports run for clients or potential clients. They can be filtered by state, user, and provider for the month, year, or total.


Debts / Creditors

The Debts / Creditors dashboard breaks down how many debts are being enrolled into the program, as well as how many have been settled. Not only does it show you the quantity, but it also includes the dollar amount. You can view the debts by the creditor or by type.


Enrollment Summary

The Enrollment Summary dashboard focuses on the number of enrollments your company has acquired, where the enrollments are coming from (campaign, other sources), which user enrolled the contact, the average time that a contact was enrolled in the program, and details about the enrollments that were dropped. The information is shown in both numbers and percentages.



The Fees dashboard shows how much money is being paid out to other companies for performance fees, credit fees, etc. Fees are displayed as a whole and also by status: cleared, pending, and open. You can also view them by which company was paid the fees and the state. In addition, a list of open fees with the contact’s name, and the percentage of cleared fees is also available.



These are activity logs for how many notes are being saved in the system, the users who created the notes, and the top 10 users creating notes. If you’ve opted to categorize them they can be displayed by type, for example, sales notes, negotiations notes, etc.



This dashboard focuses on settlement offers. They are sorted by completed, open, and declined. It includes the average debt amount at settlement percent, average settlement amount, and percent of average settlements. You can filter the results to show offers for a specific user, creditor, or collection company. You can also view the statuses of the offers - voided, in-review, returned, etc.



How many documents is your company getting signed in a given period compared to what is being sent out? You can view the types of documents being signed, which user is responsible for them,



The SMS dashboard gets its information from the integration tool, Twilio. It shows you how many SMS messages were sent vs. those that were responded to.



This is a great tool for viewing the status of tasks (open, completed, and overdue) as well as who they are assigned to by the team or user.


User Activity

This dashboard provides a breakdown of the different types of events that are happening in the system: calls, docs, emails, etc. It lets you know who is generating them, what types of events are being produced, and how many contacts are being submitted to sales reps.






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