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This article was developed to describe the "States" Report, one of many reports available within the Reports tab in the Centrex CRM. The States Report allows management to track the number of enrolled and dropped clients by State.

To access the States Report, click on the Reports tab, and then click the option for "States" as shown below.


Using the States Report

The report can be filtered by a date range by entering Start and End dates, or the  Range Selector option can be used by selecting a predefined range (see the dropdown menu selection shown in the top left of the image shown below). Also, the Campaign can be selected to filter contacts assigned to the specified campaign in addition to the date range selected.

After the desired options are selected, clicking the Filter button will list Enrolled and Dropped contacts by the state the contacts reside in.


Also, the report lists the Dropped Rate by state. The number of enrolled and dropped contacts in each State is listed in parenthesis to the right of the State Name.


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