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This article was developed to describe the Tasks Report provided by the Centrex CRM. The Tasks Report allows management to track all tasks in the system.

To access this tool, log in to the CRM and click the Reports tab. Scroll down and select "Tasks" (see the red highlighted area below).



Using the Tasks Report

The report can be filtered by the User Company, Contact Company, Person Created By, Task Group, Task Item, Task Status, and User Status of the task, as well as Date Range (top right of the screen, default Daily). After configuring the filters, click Apply Filters.


Once you have the desired data, click Customize Table to modify the column headers (see the image below).


You can then sort the report by clicking any of the column headers.

Additionally, you can click Download found at the top right of the page to download the graph as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF document (see image below).


Finally, you can click the "Export Current View" button to export a report using your current filter settings or click "Export Full Report" to export a report without any filter settings, both into a comma-delimited file format (.csv). 


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