This article was developed to describe the function of Payees within the Centrex CRM. Payees are used along with Compensation Templates to direct funds to entities associated with your service. They are basically a bank account that credits process into.

Go to the Admin Tab, and select "Companies" from the Navigation Bar. Select the preferred company by clicking the green arrow at the end of the row. 

On the page that follows, click "Payees" from the Navigation Bar (see the image below).

Add / Edit Payee

To add a new Payee start by filling in the input boxes as displayed below. To edit an existing Payee click on the icon at the end of the row for the corresponding Payee. 

Inputs Explanation:

Default for Company ­- The default Payee for a particular company and will automatically be the first selection when listing Payees.

Payee Name - Name displayed throughout the system for identifying Payee.

Routing # - Bank Routing number needed in order to facilitate banking transactions with Payee.

Bank Name - Name of financial institution the Payee's bank account is with.

Account Type - Checking or Savings.

Account # - Bank Account number needed in order to facilitate banking transactions with Payee.

Name on Account - Name on the account at the Bank for the Payee.

Email - Contact information.

DPG Payee - Whether this payment will be made using the Centrex Pay Gateway (formerly DPG Gateway)


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