Migrating the New Triggers System

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This article was developed to describe the steps involved in migrating to the new Triggers system within the CRM. This article includes the following topics:

Activating the trigger system

  1. Click the Admin tab and then click on Settings on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Triggers, and the Migrate Triggers page opens.
  3. Click Migrate Triggers. Migratepagea.png
  4. After the migration is complete, the System Setting page loads.
    Disregard this page.

  5. Go back to Settings and click Triggers and the New Triggers page displays.


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Fixing a faulty trigger

When a trigger isn't working, we recommend that you inactivate it and recreate it.
  1. Locate the trigger that isn't working and then change the toggle to inactive.
  2. Recreate the trigger. Click here for directions.

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