Setting Up a CRM Custom Domain

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*The following are instructions for setting up Custom Domain Hosting for accounts who have signed up for the additional enhancement. If you have not signed up for this service but are interested in more information, please contact


Custom Domain Setup

1. Log in to your domain hosting account for your website to add a new CNAME, i.e. Also, update the DNS records of the above CNAME's URL to point to

Centrex clients can use


2. Submit a request to detailing the following:

  • The exact subdomain URL (i.e.
    • **You must specify whether this domain will be used for your CRM or your Customer Portal**
  • The associated email address
  • The physical address that is set up with the domain host for the SSL.

Once we have this information from you, our team will generate and provide you a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) code which is needed to activate the SSL Certificate with your domain host.


3. Purchase an SSL Certificate for your Domain Name. There are three different types of certificates you can purchase:

  • Standard SSL Certificate: SSL Certificate good for one domain address.
  • WildCard SSL Certificate: SSL Certificate that covers all CNAME's under your root domain.

or (less commonly used)

  • Premier SSL Certificate: Adds the green color in the URL bar and requires authentication of your corporation documents and company physical office location.
Centrex recommends getting a wild card certificate if you intend to set up multiple sub-domains.


4. Next, paste the CSR code provided into the appropriate text box on the registrar's website.

IMPORTANT:  if you receive an error regarding the CSR code, you can verify it using GoDaddys SSL decoder website located here ( This website also has the ability to fix any irregularities in the file itself and will provide a fixed file if there are issues found (see the image below for a standard SSL Certificate and then a Wildcard SSL Certificate).


For a Standard SSL Certificate:


For a Wildcard SSL Certificate:


After the registrar has accepted the CSR file you will be able to download a zip file containing the SSL certificate file. When prompted to download this file, please choose the option for server type 'Other'. Once you have this file, attach it in an email reply to your original request from step 2.

NOTE: Different registrars will use slightly different terminology when presenting the option to download your certificate we cannot provide specific instructions for each company.

5. Once you have provided the SSL Certificate ZIP file to us, the development team will set up the Vhosts for each URL we are setting up. The final step is to set up and test the domains on our end.

IMPORTANT: Set your SSL Certificate to auto-renew or set a reminder to renew your CSR at least 30 days prior to expiration. Centrex is not responsible for administrating your SSL Certificate renewal.


Custom Domain Renewal

If your SSL Certificate has expired...

1. Renew your SSL Certificate from within your domain hosting account. When prompted, download the .zip file for the server type "Other".

**Do not create a new certificate.**

2. Then provide the renewed SSL Certificate .zip file to


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