Changing or Resetting Your Password

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This article was developed to review the steps needed to change or reset your password in the CRM. This article includes the following topics:

Changing your password

  1. Click on the Change Password link located on the global header.
  2. The Change Your Password window appears.
  3. Update your password information, and then click Update Password when finished.

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Resetting your password (Admin)

For a Password Reset, a user in the CRM with Edit Users permissions can help you. If you cannot find someone, contact for assistance.
  1. From the Admin tab, locate the user that you want to reset the password for and then click the right arrow icon circlewitharrow.png to the far right of their name.
  2. The Edit User page opens > go to the User Login Information section (see image below).
  3. Click Save User from the left-hand side of the Navigation Bar.

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Resetting your password (User)

The user should receive an email with the temporary password from
  1. Open the email from
  2. Click the login URL and input your temporary login information. 
  3. Once you are successfully logged in, the system will prompt you to create a new permanent password.

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