Suspending Users

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This article was developed to describe the process involved in suspending a user within the CRM. The article is broken down into the following sections:

We strongly recommend suspending users as opposed to deleting them. Suspending a user will prevent them from logging in, but you will still have the ability to re-activate the user if needed. 

Note: It is our policy that the creation, suspension, and activation of users should be handled by an authorized representative from the account or the account holder. Requests for these actions will not be fulfilled by Centrex support and you will be directed to contact an authorized representative for the account.

User Table

Initially, when viewing the Admin tab you will see the "user table", with all the active users listed. If you are logged into the parent company, you will see all the users from affiliate/sub-companies. If you are logged into an affiliate/sub-company, you will only see users from your company or your company and affiliates below your company according to your account's Company Hierarchy.

You may further filter the user table using the dropdown menu located just above the table on the right side of the page. The table defaults to filter by "Active" users, but you can change this to "Suspended", and you can change filters for user role or company if you want to refine the number of user records appearing on the table. 


Suspending a User

1. First, go to the Admin tab, locate the user on the user table, and then click the white arrow at the end of the row for that record (see the red image below on the right).

2. Once on the Edit User screen you will find the "Suspend User" option on the navigation bar. Click "Suspend User", and confirm you wish to suspend the user.
3. The user has now been suspended; they will no longer be able to log in and access the account. 

NOTE: If the user is already logged in while the action to suspend is being performed, they will be allowed to finish their current session until they log out.


Activating a Suspended User

To re-activate a suspended user, click the Admin tab.

1. Go to the filter options in the upper right and change the first dropdown menu from "Active" to "Suspended"


2. The User table will now be displaying all the Suspended users.
3. Now click on the white arrow on the green background to edit the suspended user. 

4. Once on the Edit User screen, find and click "Activate User" on the navigation bar (see image below).
5. Once re-activated, a small confirmation of the activation will appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds, and the user will be able to log in again and access the account.


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